The perfect beer for after a ride

à BLOC is a craft beer made for cyclists. It combines two of our favourite worlds: cycling and craft beer. Riding à bloc means going flat out. Good efforts deserve to be celebrated with friends. And with a quality beer. Make sure you are well stocked, so get your beers and gear here!

We work with bike couriers. Naturally. If we have your order before noon, we deliver the same day between 18:00 and 22:00 hrs.

We share the ride!

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A quality day on the bike deserves a quality beer.

We share the ride

Pushing limits and celebrating achievements are some of life’s great experiences. Through them, friendships are forged, especially in cycling. When we ride, we wait at the top to return together. And after the ride, we take time to share our stories with each other. Because performances are of little value if we cannot share them with friends.

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